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There comes a time in everyones life when you feel like you can not go on anymore, a time when you feel like there is no way back from whatever hole you are in and a time when the pressure on your shoulders is so much that you can feel your body start to give. I have been at this point more than a few times in my life so far and I swear if it wasn’t the love of my family, my friends and my son, I would not be here today…

I hate when I hear people say that they don’t want to be here anymore or that they don’t know what to do anymore because the people that I hear say this are so damn talented and if we lost them this world would be that much sadder. I have literally learned something from everyone I have…

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At Work..

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No Stress About That

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Maybe I am not good enough for you
But I’m good for someone
And maybe I don’t look good to you
But I look good to someone
Maybe you hate how I am
But I’m awesome to someone

I’ll find that someone one day
No stress about that
I’ll find that someone one day
No stress about… that

This is what every single person who is looking for a girlfriend/boyfriend should say to themselves. That fact of the matter is everyone has a someone who will love them and wants to be with them regardless of what is going on because they love that person unconditionally.


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Well this month has be ummmm… crazy. I moved from MA to upstate NY, been job hunting like crazy (currently doing that), dealing with being broke and a nasty water leak in my kitchen that I can’t fix right now because I’m broke. In the midst of all that stuff I finally have internet back and my 4th Spoken Word Album “Ramblings” (finally decided on a title) should hopefully be done by the weekend if all goes well…  Ugh I’m ready for a break!

I’ve been slacking a little here as a result of everything but I should be back on track next week I hope. Hope all is well with you guys and thanks for reading and showing me support!


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How I feel (unedited)

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Today marks another day I struggle
Today marks another day I’m frustrated
Today marks another day I search for a productive escape

I am beyond tired of living how we are forced to live
Tired of feeling forced to live how I feel we are forced to live
I hate the search for money but I am trapped
Stuck in the eternal circle of greed and green
In the pit of dead souls because society is losing it’s meaning
Sucks being a person who wants to enjoy life but can’t
Too many scenes that are not focused on cleaning
Instead focused on bleeding
Seeming to never want to understand the truth
Instead we are judged on our missing tooth

I’m scared to fail
But what does that word mean
Am I failing because my wallet will never be full
or is it because my credit looks likes the feeling of…

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Recently, my dudes DaFilthyAnimals put out a mixtape called “Reflections Of The Underground Vol.2″ and I must say I don’t believe I’ve seen or heard a group of dudes on something that is this diverse in a while.  It’s also pretty solid that I got a chance to be on it with two tracks that were produced by DaFilthyAnimals.

 Check out the mixtape here — 

All of us just free flowing with our individual styles, thoughts, and flavor all tied together.  “Reflections of the Underground Vol.2″ has artists from coast to coast with rappers, poets, and musicians all after the same goal.  Everyone on here is so dedicated to their craft and taking it to the next level that it really is an honor to be associated with such a group.  With half the shit out there, watered down and sounding the same as the next dude, it’s refreshing to hear something that sounds so original and with a “fuck being normal” feel to it.  Definitely check it, “Reflections of the Underground Vol.2″ look forward to bigger and better things from everyone on this mix tape.    I want to give a special shout out to DaFilthyAnimals for putting it all together and putting some faith in me to not only be on the mixtape, but also writing a few blogs for them as well.  I really feel like I’m part of a family here and I’m looking forward to future projects and my next album that DaFilthyAnimals will be producing as well.  


Here it is again:

I have 2 tracks on this! It’s my first time on anything legit like this so give it a listen and yea it is free to download!