I Question Everything

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First thoughts of the day..

“I Question Everything”

I question everything
Because we live in dishonest lands
Because they refuse to shake our broken hands
Because they don’t care if spend our days collecting cans

I question everything
Because too many forget what reality is
Because too many try to talk to you while your taking a piss
Because too many have accepted being another number on the list

I question everything
Because this world has forced me to
Because they don’t give a fuck about me or you

Soulmate, Where Are You?

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How does someone with so much love

Have no significant other to give

That love to and spend all sorts of time with

I’m so fuckin ready to not wake up alone

I’ll take just hearing your voice

or just you breathing on the other end of the phone

Whoever you are, I know you feel me

I know that you too, are tired of being all alone

Maybe you don’t know who I am

Maybe you do

But god damn whoever you are

I am so fuckin into you

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What’s the difference between you and me?
Not a damn fucking thing…
Same person with the same problem
Living in a world that doesn’t really want us to solve them

Moldy green place
Eco not so friendly
Gettin money is the main race
I choose not… shoes won’t lace
You say the way I want to live is a disgrace
Well then be on your way then
Get the fuck out of my face..

There is no time to be nice anymore
The world won’t change with hugs and high hives
We have to shake them right down to their fuckin core
Force the truth upon them
Even out the score
Because at the end of the day
I refuse to be just another government whore.

good night..

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She looks in the mirror 
Needing approval from her reflection
She finds none
Alone and desperate
She feels the sun through the window
The warmth is comforting but false
She can’t breathe
She can feel the chains tighten around her 
She’s trapped in a material world
Where pretty is Kidnapped by diets and make-up
Where her friends try to be each other

She looks but can’t find a way out
Night comes 
Scheduled tears come
Years of pressure has made her a heavy drinker
But now she sits all out of rum

She takes another look in the mirror 
Needing approval from her reflection
She finds none
Alone and desperate
She splashes water on her face
No false comfort.. Just a soul that is done
She can’t stop the tears
Tired of living nightmares

She holds up a razor
Shaking but sure
Blood fills the sink 
One last look
“Finally I’m free “
The last thought she will ever think

Without My Son

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Constantly battling with my past
I wish I could find another character to cast
Because as i’m grateful for the lessons
The present self has an unbareable task

Tryin to deal with everything
The fact that I feel like shitty parent
Lately I’ve begun to resent
Myself as a person on a whole, my heart is permanently bent

I put myself in a hole that I never know if I’ll climb out of
Need some luck..
Tryin to catch the ball but I forgot my glove
I go back and forth
Forgetting that word love
I thought I had a strong heart
But now i think it’s more of stubborn shove

I’m more scared than not
War in my heart
I often wonder what keeps me from startin to rot
Push and pull
My soul is being stalked by a thief that can’t be caught