Reflection time

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It’s been a little over a year new since I’ve been on my own and away from my son. So many things have happened in that time. So many new friends and experiences that I am still blown away about. I have also missed out on so much that I am pretty bummed about. I’ve done a lot of thinking this passed week and I’ve come to the realization of a few things..

First, I really want to quit drinking. It has brought me many good times but It’s brought me many bad times as well and If I’m to be the man I want to be, then it has to go. Secondly, I am so done with the single life.. I miss having someone to come home too. I’m not the kind of dude that fucks around, I don’t find that lifestyle very appealing at all. The same fun…

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Forget Everything

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They try to tell you right from wrong
But who are they to say anything
They’ve been doing it wrong all along
They think they wrote the book
But I think it’s time we shook things up
Burn that stupid book
Burn that stupid book
Forget the rules and give the way of life another look
Let your fire run freely
Get back our freedom that they took
Get back the dreams that they try to steer you away from
Fuck that shit and the dream that we americans mistook
For being the light at the end
For being the right message to send
For being the reason so many break because we’ve reached our limits to bend

Fuck.. all of that
Start fresh and do the things you want to do
No matter how hard it is 
No matter how scary the journey is
Because we are individuals
I am different from you
My goals and my thoughts are not the same
Despite what they try to make us think
This is anything but a numbers game.

Falling Off The Edge

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Originally posted on Guide To a Better Mind and Understanding.:

I remember saying..
There’s still hope
That humanity isn’t lost yet
But I fear..
So many don’t realize the cost yet
This spiral has quickened
The earth weeps more
I can hear the screams
Lost souls clawing at the ledge
Faces of fear and sadness
All that I thought would save us
Is falling off the edge..

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In today’s world more so than not, we are surrounded by words with empty meaning and false promises. It’s come to the point where finding real people is kind of a rare thing. We live in an age where majority of the meaningful music we like is underground and not heard on a radio station. Granted, that’s not all true but most of the time that is the case for me atleast..

I know quite a few people who just love to talk shit without any substance or way to back up what they are saying and that upsets me to no end. What is the point in that? Well, the point is to fit in and be noticed. That is the number one problem with the world today and it is a problem that everyone loves to forget about. It has escalated in recent years because now it is our music. The biggest reason a lot of us get through the day is now riddled with stupidity and ignorance. Now for me to find that escape that I rely on quite often, I have to search harder to find a tune that has purpose.

When you write anything, there should be meaning behind it. If it’s a comedy, let it be a comedy. If it’s serious then make it serious. Take rap today, How many times can you rap about money, drugs, women and whatever other bullshit all of these goons on the radio like to rap about before you as an artist say “This sucks”? As a writer myself, I couldn’t bring myself to write anything that didn’t have a purpose and that I wasn’t 100 percent honest about. I just can’t do it and I feel like it would be an insult to the people that take the time to listen or read my work.

So can we please get back to being honest and bring back meaning behind what we say or do. Forget the money thing and focus on motivating and being real with yourself and those around you. If everyone did that, then you wouldn’t have to feel compelled to be false just make a buck as an artist.

I Question Everything

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First thoughts of the day..

“I Question Everything”

I question everything
Because we live in dishonest lands
Because they refuse to shake our broken hands
Because they don’t care if spend our days collecting cans

I question everything
Because too many forget what reality is
Because too many try to talk to you while your taking a piss
Because too many have accepted being another number on the list

I question everything
Because this world has forced me to
Because they don’t give a fuck about me or you

Soulmate, Where Are You?

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How does someone with so much love

Have no significant other to give

That love to and spend all sorts of time with

I’m so fuckin ready to not wake up alone

I’ll take just hearing your voice

or just you breathing on the other end of the phone

Whoever you are, I know you feel me

I know that you too, are tired of being all alone

Maybe you don’t know who I am

Maybe you do

But god damn whoever you are

I am so fuckin into you