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I am thankful
But to a god
For everyday I wake is because I choose to 
I want to be here
There is no one telling me what I must do
No one telling me how to spell you
I trust in my heart
My mind allows me to openly view
The world and the many sides of every issue

I do have faith but it is in myself
In my will and in my body
I am kind and I am honest
But I will tell you how it is when I need to

I am separating myself from the world as it is
Not because I have lost hope in it
But rather because this is the only way
Only when we forget about the disease that is today
Can we rebuild and realize a better future

So trust in yourself 
Help those that seek it
Leave those that are the cause
Build on mistakes instead of weeping at it

At the end of the day
You are responsible for what you do..
We are a nation united that has lost it’s way

These Days…

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These days I find life to be boring
It has become routine
There is no adventure
Just hardship and vagueness
Black and White
No bright smiles
No sunlight

Sometimes I wake up and wish
I wish I didn’t know how the day was going to be
To wake up filled with curiosity 
It’s been such a long time
And I know I’m not alone
Even now I wish I could write without having to rhyme
I feel like how we live is a crime
Against humanity
Against the purpose of living
Against our legacy

Some Late Night thoughts


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Only in peace can I write
When inspiration touches my brain
I begin to see the light
Thoughts turn to words
Lines start to glow like the moon in the night
That feeling when you are on to something
A tingling so real it begins to fright

If I die tomorrow, I know I felt it on this night
As I did my first
The first time I wrote something I was proud of
The first time I realized I could save myself
I had found that escape we all search for
And it wasn’t in a bottle like so many others
Wasn’t down a barrel like so many others
Wasn’t in a needle… like so many others

It was in myself
My own two hands
My own mind..
So find your escape
Search forever until you find
That reason to keep going
Because we are all pretty tired of life’s infinite grind

I don’t even know what I’m feelin
I want the love
But I enjoy the freedom
I guess that’s true but damn..
Get tired of waking up solo
I can’t just fuck and leave
That word commitment.. Oh no
Fuck it though 
What if we get really drunk
Not about that life, I’ll probably say no
I mean I probably would
But I’d be there in the morning
Be the dude I should
Breakfast is something I could

Maybe make a day out 
Maybe do a movie and dinner out
Maybe throw up the gloves because I’m tired of that solo bout

I’m not interested in the games
Don’t like the run around
Not about forgettin names
Don’t like jumping to different potential dames
Lookin for one
Because not a single girl is really the same

Recently I have lossed any motivation to write. I believe this is partly due to this routine I have seemingly been caught up in and I suppose it’s the same one that most people find themselves in. That being said I am deciding to take a vacation from writing anything until I feel that urge again. I don’t believe it will take too long but I do need to change some things and maybe start challenging myself to write either differently or find a new subject to write about. I am extremely exhausted with this world and all of the nonsense that goes on in it… I find myself being unnecessarily angry and even a little depressed at times. 

Sooooo I’m hoping tomorrow I wake up and feel completely refreshed but these things tend to take a little time but I’ll be back..

Sampson: My Alter Ego (Version 1)

Recorded that poem.. this is the Acapella and far less aggressive version. I’m going to record a super aggressive version as well with a beat to it when I find a good one. Enjoy

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